Problems with RMB in 2.42

Anyone else having issues with Blender crashing when you double click the right mouse button? It keeps happening to me and is really annoying.

Nope, btw what operation would double click RMB be used for? Can’t think of one off the top of head.


Either it is an accident or frustration relief.

Just a quick update, it seems to happen almost whenever I press the RMB and then press it again within 10 seconds and it only happens when I am in animation mode.

What o.s are you on? … what’s your graphic card?

Do have 2.41 on your machine? If so, I assume RMB was not a problem?

If you have 2.41, did you install 2.42 into the same directory as 2.41 ? I don’t know if there would be a problem if you had, but if you did I’d re-install it in it’s own directory.


No, there were no problems in 2.41. I am running Windows XP, with a card called S3G Unichrome. 2.42 has it’s own directory.

By animation mode, I assume you mean you’ve pressed alt-a or the play button on the timeline and an animation is running?

Does it happen with any file? (Animate a cube in a new file)

Have you tried 2.41 since this started happening?


By animation mode I mean the mode where you can see the timeline, but the animation itself is not necessarily playing, and it seems to happen with any file. 2.41 still works fine.

You might want to save a file with just the default objects called ‘crashing’ or something like that, in case the following procedure works. You can then send the file to the Blender bug tracker if you want to.

Ok, that “animation mode” is really the name of the ‘Screen’, which is just a window layout. If you change your screen to Model,Material,Sequence or Scripting, is your “RMB crash” still happening? I’d be surprised if it doesn’t crash on the other screens, but I don’t know how the screens are maintained internally, so maybe it won’t.

If it doesn’t, then delete the “Animation” screen by switching back to it, and pressing the “X” beside it. (You might want to take a screen capture of the window layout first, if you want to setup the same screen layout). If you want that screen layout again, you’ll have to pick Add New from the screen dropdown, which will duplicate whatever screen you’re on at the time. Then you’ll have to change the window types and re-arrange them to look like the ‘Animation’ screen did.

** Instead of deleting the ‘Animation’ screen, you might also try adding a new screen while the Animation screen is selected, which will duplicate it, and see if you’re still getting a crash. If you don’t, then you can delete the original Animation screen. You might first, see if it’s still crashing on the original animation screen.


I might just send a file into Blender Bug tracker, it seems to freeze in every screen layout except Model.