Problems with rotation

In the animation I am working on, I need an object to simply rotate until it is facing upside down. However, when I view the animation in the 3d window, all the bits fly apart and move independently. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Offhand, I’m not sure what the problem is due to lack of information, but it sounds like you’re rotating an armature object instead of a base bone - that often makes the modified objects seem to ‘fly apart’.

It’s not an objects with bones, if that’s what you mean. I’m a noob, as you can probably tell- would some screenshots help?

Yes - but take screenshots of your whole Blender environment, with the action editor open, if possible.
Are you trying to rotate a single object, or multiple objects around the same center? I guess the biggest question would be, have you made sure to insert a keyframe for the object(s) correctly?

I was just about to post a thread on the exact same thing. I’m having the same problem with my rubix cube. I have no idea how i would armature a rubix cube but i thought i could keyframe the objects and it would work. The problem is they all get really close (going through eachother) before coming to their resting point. This is…um…slightly unnatural for a rubix cube…I’ll be watching this thread for any tips.


Rubix cube:


If all you want to do is move a whole group of objects as one object, then you could always use parents. Just parent all pieces to either a single object in the group or to an empty. Then, when you want to animate the group, all you need to do is animate the parent or empty (depending on which you decided to do).

As much as i wanted to figure it out myself…this is WAY better. Thanks!