problems with running Blender 2.4 on Xp.....

Every time we render a scene, a window will apear and slowly or quickly show the image, right?

however, when I close that window, my Xp pops up a window saying that it has encountered error, and windows is going to close Blender…

Does any one know why?

Could you post your system specs and the error it produces?

insted of closing the render minimise it. if you want to stop the render put the mouse in the render window and esc-key some times for me if I am trying to render a complex sceene and my computer is working hard I can crash Blender like you said.

Ok the error message is not in English, but probably you can realise what kind of error message window it is under XP, if you are an experienced Xp user.

the window behind the error message window has showed the rendered image.

plz help

any help???

After I render a scene, under the context in which I dont close the render window, when I close the application (Blender), I still get the same error message from Windows…

plz help, …

this is very annoying.


Post your PC specs, please - it may be a graphics card problem.

Graphic card: SiS 650/961

OS: windows xp home

CPU: Intel Pentium 4-M 1.7 GHz

HD: 40GB

Memory: PC2100 DDR266 SDRAM + 1 additional memory
In total, 640 mb

It’s an Asus m2400 series laptop

have you tried to uninstall Blender and reinstall it ? I don’t know what the specific problem is but might be worth a try you could also try a different Blender version, just to see if it works. every so often I have to do that with Yafray dont know why but it seems to fix it.

Ah, good old SiS chipsets. My laptop has an onboard SiS M760GX card, and it’s given me problems (though it seems to be fixed for 2.4), especially with the render window.
What you might like to do is try rendering with DispView selected under the render buttons, rather than DispWin. This will bring up the render in the 3D view, but it will be shrunk/stretched to fit the size of the camera, and will therefore look very aliased. Save the image using F3 and view it wherever you saved it.




Haha, that’s funny. I love it when that happens. To me it looks like squigglesquiggleBLENDERsquigglesquiggleDOSsquigglesquiggleYafray.
Love it. Is there no Japanese word for Blender, then? (I presume it’s Japanese)

Chinese… Even if you can’t read them, the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text is easy to pick out after a while. Look here:

Chinese (lots of complex chars… has a kind of uniform look):

Japanese (notice the simpler angular characters mixed in… a bit more of a mismash of stuff):

Korean (distinctive circles and lines):

There’s your cultural lesson for the day… :wink: Also “chinese” letters are used in many countries like Taiwan and Singapore, not just China.


Wow, taiwanese here? cool

我打開過那個視窗 但裡面總是寫著:

“Using Python version 2.4
‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback”

我也不知道那是啥意思 但除了那之外 沒有其他錯誤訊息 但是當然還是有xp的錯誤訊息

Oops, sorry! It had occurred to me that there seemed to be an awful lot of different, individual characters, as in Chinese as opposed to Japanese, but for some reason I thought that because of the huge diversity of Chinese symbols, my install of XP probably wouldn’t have them. So now I know that when my Dad said he installed everything on it, he installed everything on it!

btw, to indigomonkey,

when I use dispview, the image apears in the 3d window, and it’s completely rendered, it dispear immidiately…

Can I stop it from disapearance so I can at least have the time to view it and save the pic?

你怎麼會想到要學Blender呢? 一般不是3DS MAX 跟Maya比較普遍嗎?我是在toget上發現這個軟體的結果就一頭栽進來了。順便學學用英文跟人交談

我也不知道那是啥意思 但除了那之外 沒有其他錯誤訊息 但是當然還是有xp的錯誤訊息

這樣的話我就不曉得了耶 :stuck_out_tongue: 你用別台電腦,同樣的設定檔跑跑看好不好,搞不好真的是顯示晶片的問題

Hmmm, I’m not sure about that one. I think it may just be a case of your graphics card, it disappears on mine too.
However, never fear, you can bring it back with F11!
Also, even if the picture has disappeared, you can still save it with F3. It’s still saved into the render buffer, you see.
Do you have Office 2003? My workflow tends to be that once I’ve opened a saved an image, I open it with Office Picture Manager, where I can view it in its beauty.
Then, when I re-render, I save it to the same place. Picture Manager automatically updates the image, so you don’t even have to worry about re-opening it.

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thx indigomonkey… I think some one should notify the blender foundation to fix this bug.

I have done so (for my bug, where XP crashed entirely on hitting F12 or Render), but there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it (I was told) - it’s because SiS’s OpenGL support is so bad.
Having said that, the problem did fix itself come 2.4, so it might be worth posting it in the bugtracker!