Problems with sculpting and the orthographic view

Hello all. Firstly, I am working with Blender 2.71. I am having an issue where I can’t sculpt in perspective mode. The window has to be in orthographic mode, otherwise when I drag a sculpting brush across the screen, nothing happens and the circle that represents the brush doesn’t move along with the mouse and just stays still. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except that orthographic view has always been messed up for me. When the window is in orthographic mode, parts of the mesh disappear and you can see the backs of what’s on the other side. I have already checked the normals, and they are fine. Is this just an issue with blender? The attached image is a screenshot of my blender. The window on the left is in orthographic mode, and illustrates the problem. The window on the right is in perspective mode, showing the model normally. The only reason why the head of the ax isn’t messed up in ortho mode is because I deleted the faces on the other side. It’s kinda difficult to sculpt when you can only sculpt in ortho mode, and ortho mode messes up your model so you can’t see half of what you’re sculpting. Any ideas how to fix this?