Problems with selecting vertices

I’ve been using blender for awhile now and now suddenly I can’t select vertices when I don’t have the model view set as transparent. But when I set it as transparent it works, well with set as transparent it can be sometimes confusing when you trying to select something.

What happened and how can I fix this more importantly.

P.S. and sometimes I have tried to click on one thing yet something completely random will be selected instead. I don’t know what’s up?

Please help.

thank you

Well, I think I had the same problem. At least, I had a problem where Blender would select a completely random vertice. I fixed it by un-installing Blender and then deleting the Blender directory. I then re-installed Blender. (If you do this, make sure that you grab all of the .blend files that you want to keep!)

Instead of deleting your existing Blender install just reinstall elsewhere to see if that resolves the issue - if it does then you can copy .blend files etc. You can have multiple installs as it doesn’t use registry on Windows etc