problems with semitransparent images in glsl


I’m having some issues with semitransparent images in GLSL rendering around the edges, when I render the image the problem doesn’t appear.

Here is the blend file, I’d really like some help with this, since is a problem I’ve had for quite some time, and would like to use more the bge and glsl rendering.

Thank you

help.blend (1.37 MB)

As far as I see this model does not need semitransparency. It is pretty timeconsuming and should be used as less as possible.

Regardless of that I think sou have a problem with your texture. Better draw the texture color overlapping the UV-grid, the texture gets blurred on mipmap. Which means the color outside of the UV-grid becomes visible at the face edges.

Yes, that’s true, you’re right

But please, suppose it does need it, as I said, I want to learn as much of this as possible, and have had this problem before.

When I opened the blend, the alpha sorting was all messed up. So I set Alpha Blend of tronco2 to Alpha Sort. When I press P, it looks like the render output now.

wow, thank you very much, it worked!