Problems with shader-generation (RiB Mosaic)

Hello there,

I´ve got a little problem in generating shaders in the renderman plugin for blender (RiB Mosaic). Just so far:
I installed Mosaic inside my blender folder and put the pythonscript into my scripts folder (there is yafaray, too ).
Now, when I open one shader with the texteditor in blender and aktivate the generate button in the blenderman ui following message appears:

“Could not write outputdirectories, check paths and permissions.”

What am I doing wrong?? Should I put the python script back into the mosaic folder??


Hi Predice,

This error usually happens when MOSAIC cannot read or write to the export directory (either because it doesn’t exist or because it has restricted permissions). MOSAIC uses Blender’s standard export directory by default which is /tmp to export files for rendering. You can set/change the export directory by going to the “MOSAIC Settings” tab, clicking the “Export Directory” button and selecting the path you want all data exported and rendered from (this path must be created or already exist) :wink:
This issue has come up several times so I’ve just changed my developement copy to have a separate error when the export directory doesn’t exists that says “Export directory no longer exists, must set export directoy in MOSAIC Settings!” that will hopefully make things clearer in the future :slight_smile:

Eric Back (WHiTeRaBBiT)


I did the change, but now I am unable to compile the shaders. I need to look at the console, but I´m using OSX Leopard (Macbook Pro) and I have no console activated.

It seems, that I will have lots of problems with renderman in the future… :o