Problems with shading

Hey, I’m new to blender and right now I’m working on a kinetic text project. I’ve been having problems with object shading. Forgive me I don’t know the proper terms for the issue but the basic problem is that I’m getting really grainy shades. If it helps, the only light source I’m using is world light, set to .3 intensity. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.

Here’s what the problem looks like. See the grainy shadow on the ‘k’ and ‘y’? Is there a way to make that smoother?

This isn’t related to shading, but to lighting.

To help you it would be helpful to know if you’re using Cycles, internal render, AO and things like that.

My guess is you are using Cycles and did not change the Integrator settings in the Properties panel under Render. The default is 10 samples which results in a quite noisy result.

What would you suggest I change it to? Sorry for it being in the wrong section, I wasn’t exactly sure where to place it. Thanks for the help.

Push the samples up and let it render, as soon you think the noise is low enough cancel the render(ESC or X in the header). By default I have set my render at about 200 samples. This is enough for what I intend to use my renderings, however did also some with much more samples.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.