Problems with shadows and ilumination

Hi, I have problems with shadows and ilumination in the game engine.

If I put the scene in Ctrl+z shader that’s all right when in the image below:

But, if I put the scene in Alt+Z shader, when in the engine, the object will be with dark irregular stains when in the image below.

And how more faces there are the object worse the result.

There are a way for to correct this problem?[/quote]

calculate your nomals right

(control+n in edit mode with regions selected, also a good idea to turn off double sided in the edit buttons)

tweak your material to have less spec and be more diffuse

attempt to avoid dynamic lighting (apply lighting from control+z view to vertex colors with make button next to text “Vertex Colors” in edit buttons)

use few lamps

hey, is that mesh posed, or is that default pose?

Ok, first off, this isn’t really such a big problem yet since the character is not even uv mapped yet. When in cntrl-Z that only shows you the default color of the character. When you press alt-Z, the texture of the character will be shown if you uv mapped it.

First save your work and then try this out :stuck_out_tongue: .

Umm, to fix your shadow problem do the following. Set up a decent illumination setup around your character first. Usually 3 lamps should do (They have some setups shown in the Blender manual). Select the character and make sure you’re not in edit mode, then press F to go into face select mode. Press W and a Specials menu will pop up, From Set choose light. Now in alt-z your character should be illuminated.

Lol, anyone please correct me if I’m wrong. I’d hate to mislead anyone.

(z3r0 d knows best)

Jason Lin