Problems with shadows on particles using dupliverts.

Hey guys. I’m trying to render a particle system with shadows. To do this, I created a particle system, created an object, parented the object to the particle emitter, and turned on dupliverts on the emitter. I thought that this would create an instance of the object on every particle, but instead it’s only creating them at the vertices of the emitter. I can’t just make the particles render the object instead of a point because I’d lose shadows. How can I make this work, or is there a better way? Thanks a lot.

That technique doesn’t work with the new particle system.

Turn off dupliverts and undo your parent/child relationship. On the visualization tab (particle buttons) select “Object”, then type the name of the object that you wish to emit into the “OB:” field.

Thanks for the feedback, but I’m already using that method and the problem is that it doesn’t cast shadows. Is there any way to set up a particle system to cast shadows?

Are your trying to do something like this…?

I can get a mesh to cast a shadow on it;s emitter, you have to remember to enable “Emitter” under Render of the Visualizations tab. Then shadows can fall on the emitter.


particle_object_verticies.blend (230 KB)

Ok, I feel like an idiot now, I didn’t have Ray Shadows turned on on my lamp. I could have sworn I’ve messed with that setting already…
Anyways, thanks a lot for the help.

It seems to be working for me, though the file was created in 2.46 RC2 (I think).

Image Left particles in 2.48… … Image Right particles in 2.49

Here’s the file so you can see what’s going on. It got all wacky somehow but the particles are what matters here. hit the bake button and they’ll render with shadows.

Sorry, late post.