Problems with Smoke sim

Alright, this is getting incredibly annoying here.

I have a small smoke/fire simulation in my scene, but every so often it will reset and I’ll have to bake the whole thing again. I feel like I’ve tried everything that makes sense to me, baking the sim, baking all dynamics, just using alt+a, I’m at a loss here, because having to re-simulate every 10 or 15 minutes is crazy, there’s gotta be something I’m not getting here. Can someone explain exactly how to avoid this? I don’t need instructions for basic setup or anything, just how to keep the sim around after an extended time in scene, or after a save/quit.


I’ve had similar problems
I’m getting away with just not doing a bake, I just get everything setup and render, it seems to do the bake on the fly
that being said it seems to also depend on what version you’re using, I’ve been using recent trunk builds from graphicall
I’m pretty sure they’re still working bugs out of the system. check out these two threads from this forum


Thanks. Seems I’m not the only one having this issue. Ugh, these bake times are ridiculous though. Looks like I might just have to put this project on the backburner until the bugs with the smoke code get ironed out.

You can get your bake back after saving and loading by going to the first frame of the simulation.

Also there are many ways to reset the bake. Try not to touch your domain in any way. For example if you select the domain and hit G the bake will be lost, no matter what you do…

It happens to me also. The baked smoke disappears yeah? Just go back to the first frame of your animation like Raub said, and it will be normal again.

Nope. That’s when it resets. The smoke will be back if I go to the first frame, but it won’t be the same simulation, it makes all of the smoke particles bunch up around the emitter and I have to run the sim again to get it back.