Problems with smoke subframing (+Screenshot)

As you can see even that i am using 30 subframes for the flow object smoke still appears not smoothly with no trail but leaves this gaps. This is my character who has burning leg and he was kicked off from the place when explosion happened and he flies quite quickly so basically thats why smoke does it. And the flow object has source - particles. So maybe there is something else i need to adjust in particles settings or in domain settings? Please help me i need answer as soon as possible


also this is my settings for domain


and here is settings for particles flow


Looks like you have particle subframes disabled. Do your particles show the same gap pattern? If so you’ll need to increase substeps there to get a continuous particle trail in order to get a smooth flame. 30 substeps is probably excessive too, try setting substeps on both the particle system (particle tab > physics) and your smoke flow substeps to 5 and see what kind of result you get. You can adjust substeps from there to fine-tune.

Yes same result with subframes 5 for flow and particles

do you have other ideas what else can help?

Ok. I found this is buggy. But it finally works well. So after your recomendadion to change both subframes to 5 nothing happened. It was the same result. Than i decided to bake it with new settings - again no changes. Than i freed all bakes/ Saved my file. Changed number of divisions to 32. Than changed strength of noise to 2 and turned off initial velocity. And then i let simulation to run and with the same settings of 5 subframes for both its strangely worked how it should. So even that now i change divisions or strength of noise to the same way it was before it still works. So i dont know what helped but i found not in the first time that sometimes i can remove this smoke simuations bugs only by turning on and off some options and it kind off updates simulation (better then baking).

Hm. No i found what was real issue. The answer is that because slow preview smoke simulation is also was slow - with gap pattern. So for example when divisions 64 - it looks with gaps because preview is slow. Once i changed it to 32 - preview becomes faster and smoke simulation as well - so there is no such pattern. So it means when it renders it will look differently than in preview.