problems with ter2blend

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I’m using ter2blend under Blender 2.33a but I have some problems when using it. import the landscape won’t be a problem for that powerfull script (thanks for writing it :slight_smile: but there is no texture. is there no way paint the scene as realistic as possible? I’ve already tried to use backbuf, but I dont become very clever with the ter2blend tutorial because its written for older blender GUI. Although I dont understand the statement "the camera lens must have a value 22.70: I haven’t found any controlfield in terragen were you can enter a value for camera lens. Shame on me :expressionless:

Could someone explain me in simple instructions how to paint a landscape with same colours like in terragen? Were be very thankfull

The Terragen landscape is “painted”. You do all of the texturing in Terragen. When Ter2Blend script runs, it brings the Terragen camera position over to postion the Blender camera in the exact same spot. You must set the Blender camera to 22.70, so that the Blender camera sees the exact same view as Terragen. This has the effect of a backbuffer image. Ter2Blend DOES NOT texture the whole image. It brings the terrain data over and sort of includes a “colored” image in the exact location to let the Blender camera see a nice, pretty Terragen image.

The camera in terragen is set at 22.7 and so you have to set Blender’s the same: select the camera and change the lens value in edit buttons.

In terragen you put the camera perpendicular to the surface and high enough to get the whole terrain (or as much as you’re going to use as a texture) and save as .bmp. Then UV map that to the imported object(s if you have water). You can take another 4 or 5 .bmp’s from N,S,W and E to map to the sides of mountains etc where the texture in the top view is compressed.

Look in my sig for a link on UVmapping by Landis and use his numbered grid to help with the UV maps.


That isn’t correct. The Ter2Blend script allows you to position the camera ANYWHERE in the Terragen image and use that view in Blender. The original script with the older Blender Python even allowed you to export a Blender camera path to Terragen, render a series of frames in Terragen, and bring it back to Blender to have a full 3-D animation with moving terrain and objects.

The Script - Instructuions says that I have to use the same camera-coordinates like in the “terragen - original”, but I the ter2blend’s buttons for that I can’t type in a value, so I can’t use the exactly same values. I thought that the arrows left and right from the numberfield were there to increase/make the value 1 smaller but when I use them nothing happens. Is there any trick?

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Sure, but since you’d already explained that I was offering him an alternative since he mentioned the backbuff had him baffled.

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Just set the lens in blender to that value so blender sees the scene in the same resolution as Terragen