Problems with Textured Mode and GLSL

I was trying out a build for 2.72 when I went into textured mode and found my textures won’t appear

Here is how it looks in textured mode in the most recent 2.72 build.

Here is how it looks in textured mode in 2.71.

I can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

Are you sure you’re in GLSL shading.
Show us all your settings and preferably a link to your blend file (with packed textures)

Here’s the settings and link.

Heres the link to the .blend file.

I can’t replicate that with or without packed textures. Switching from Blender render to Blender game didn’t make a difference. Tried today’s build, Blender 2.7.5 e2c412f Linux 64bit and latest stable 2.71 with factory defaults. Nvidia graphics.

Thought that maybe it lost track of the textures for some reason but then that’s not it because the roof is different color than the walls. Maybe try again with factory defaults and see if system console outputs any errors.

I reset blender to factory defaults settings and the problems still persists I also got these errors in the console.

If this helps my OS is Windows 7 Home Premium and my graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 4200.

Right. Based on the errors and these reports
it could be a regression in Blender development version. Could report it in Blender bug tracker and see what developers think of it.

I have the same issue, Arch Linux 64-bit, Radeon HD 7660, Open Source drivers. Similar error in the console:

GPUShader: compile error:
0:32(8): error: `att0' undeclared

Edit: Did anyone file a bug report already? If not I will. Going to reboot into Windows first and see if it is happening there as well first though.

I just read the developers are refactoring colors and floats to make the compositor OpenCL more memory efficient.

There is no reason to use 2.7.2 yet, it is not ready. Just use 2.71 and get your work done and forget about the pie in the sky until you hear the dinner bell ring.

Well, some of us try to test the dev builds and report bugs in order to avoid ‘a’ releases. Rolling back on my machine and testing seems to indicate it started happening around when the GSoC-Paint stuff got merged.

Same errors than Hyena, Win7_64bit, Blender