Problems with Textures during animation

I keep having a reoccurring issue with my textures and animation. I am not attempting to animate my texture, it is just that my textures on my models flicker and create a strange appearance in my animation. I did notice however that it only occurred on models that were sub surfed or circular in shape(Cylinders, Spheres, Cones, etc.). Could someone please help me figure out what has happened.

Here is an example of my issue

Thanks in advance

Under the textures settings for an image texture, in the “image sampling” tab there is an option which says “filter”. The eccentricy settign is how much blender blurs your textures so they wont fliker. If it is a fast moving scene turn it down and re-render. (Also, i had this problems many a time). Further, try uv mapping complex textures (thoguth it most likely wont help).

Thanks that really helped out a lot. I couldn’t find the image sampling in the 2.49 version which I have been accustomed to. I had to use 2.58, but that is alright. I need to just learn the new program. Anyways, thanks again for your help.