problems with textures

I’m having trouble with using image textures in Blender. I have a bunch of small, seamless, web-background picture textures that are ment to be tiled. But when I try to use them in Blender, they are all stretched out. I think this happens because Blender doesn’t tile them.

I was wondering if anybody could tell me if it is possible to tile image textures and if so, tell me how 2 do it.

Thanks for the help

Yes, it’s possible.

In the texture button area, after you load the image you want, click the button that says “repeat”.

I can’t give more specifics right now because I’m not sure what kind of object you’re texturing…


one thing also worth mentioning, is that you could try to set “Glob” (or “global”) in the Map Input-tab, or alter the XYZ-sizes. The textures default to “Orco” mapping, which means the texture receives it’s coordinates from the object in question, and the sizes are set to 1, so that the texture is stretched to cover the entire object. If the object is not plane, you also need to set the right/most appropriate style from the Plane/Cube/Tube/Sphere-buttons in Map Input.
I hop this helps :wink:

Hey thanks for the help guys. :smiley: