Problems with textures


Hi, A nwebi here with some problems with textures, looking for some help before i sams something against teh wall

So here is the thing, I have this beatuful saucer of a Miranda class from Star Trek,

And I have 2 problems to be precise.

The First one is here in the “escape pods” (red circle)

Can you see how the escape pods goes from black to texture and black again while the light is passing by? Well that shouldn’t happen. The escape pods should be allways textured like the rest of the model. in this mesh I use two textures, one is the base taxture and the second one are the lights of the S.P. and windows. This second texture is the one with the black background that disappear with light, and I don’t know how to keep the lights with out the back ground.

The second problem is when I render the model.

The problem here is that the scape pods, the name, and the registry number starts to disappear as I move the camera away from the model. I Already try unchek the “mist” property, but it didn’t work.

Well, this is it, I hope you can understand what I wrote, English is not my native languaje. And if someone need or want the model itself to see what ive done, send me and MP and I give you a link to download it beacause I Couldn’t attach the zip file to the post.

Thx and bye

Namarië :wink: