problems with the background image

ive searced the net high and low. and come to the conclusion, either i dont know how to search :rolleyes:… or no one else has this problem, or its really simple. anyways, i want to get a background image to show in a diffent veiw than the num pad 1 veiw. (1, then hit 4 six times to be specific)

can anyone help? thanks!

On each viewport you can hit on the bottom header the View
then select Background (except 3D view)

so that you can upload a background image


i can upload the image, just not in any veiw, right? or is there a way to do that? thats what im trying to say. im bad at wording things…

you can only have a background image in front, side and top views. fir other views, you will have to UV map the image to a plane and orient it to the view you need.

ok. thanks!