Problems With The Blender Site...

For some reason when I try to watch any of the tutorials I Can Only hear them. Any Help Woould be apreciated. (BTW I have WMP10)

Have you tried downloading the video player that they recommend on the page that has the video tutorials?(At least, I think they had a link there :-? ) Take a look, I think they have a video player that you can download that should work.:smiley:


Or if anyone would be willing to help me themselfs would also help. (I Have Only ever used Rhino so this program is way different from blender…)

I went to the site and all the text was too small and illedgeble(sp?)

The videos require the latest version of the DiVX codec.

If you have a scroll wheel mouse and Windows OS, in your browser window hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel down to increase the font size, and vice versa to decrease.

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Good luck :wink: