Problems with the game engine

Hello, I was having some problems with the game engine and was looking for some help with he situation.
First of all the Mouse Over and Mouse Over Any sensors don’t work, I tried to make a basic setup like in
But it won’t work. If I download the sample blends from there it works fine, but if I recreate it on my own nothing works.(Even copy pasting the script doesn’t work, at best it gives erratic defunct movements)
I also couldn’t get constraints to work but as the latest build on graphicall that I just checked out they seem to be fine.
Also I can’t get the To: field in the message actuator working but this might be an old bug? I can’t seem to find out.
Win XP SP3/Ubuntu (Both gave same issues) and I of course have the newest python installed.
Anyone know what’s going on here?

Do the objects with the mouse over sensors have collision on? Go into face mode to check that.

Can you post a blend and I can point out whats not working.

Okay I’ve done some more work, I can get the Mouse Over to work, but only in Perspective mode. Since this is also true of the demos am I to assume this the only way?

And I figured out what I was doing wrong with the To: field, forgot to prefix the name with OB.

Hmm, thats interesting with the over sensor only working in perspective, I never realised that. I tried it out and it doesn’t work.