Problems with the rig

I have made a spaceman, but I have problems assigning him to the rig. He has been assigned to it before, but something went wrong, and I sepereted him from it… When I try to reassign him, weird things start to happen.

When I try assigning one of the eyes to the armature, and weight paint the right eye to the eye.r bone. :eek:
The eye completely goes out of shape…Look at picture 2.

While you´re at it…please leave comments, and suggestion for the spaceman.

I am just guessing, but try to check the rotation of the bone… maybe you have twisted it somehow.
Or if it happens during the weight paint, maybe you have assigned the eye to two bones by accident ?

I have been trying to reset the rotation of the bone, but it didn’t make any difference…

is there mirror modifier? if is then u must apply it before weight painting

No mirror modifier…at least not anymore :wink:

Okay… I think I found the problem. When I turn the bone inside the eye, the eyeball deforms. If the bone is at the exactly right position, the eye is normal. When I rotate the eyebone, the eye gets smaller. Why?

Okay…problem solved :slight_smile: It was weight paintet to a little - irritating bone… Thanks for helping. I’m still receiving comments on the little spaceman though!