Problems with UV unwrap

I cannot seem to get even a cube to unwrap properly. I have followed the instrux on these two pages:

I have followed them to a T and Face -> Unwrap UVs -> LSCM… and nothing, it does absolutely nothing. What am I doing wrong? Can someon point me in the right direction for better UV info, please?

Relevant info:
-Mac G5 - OSX Panther
-Blender 2.37a & 2.4-RC1
-Frustrated user



You need to Mark Seams in Edit mode with Ctrl-E around the ‘islands’ you would like to seperate from one another. Look at this simple .blend:


You might find these two links helpful:

Blender’s UV Editor
Using Blender’s UV Editor

Hope these help

Thanks for the links, guys. And special thanks for that ‘Tennis.blend’ file. After examining that file it occured to me that you have to manually cut the seams on the object (duh).

I was thinking that it would just open up if you made a single seam between two of the vertices on the cube. Neither of the pages I was looking at made that very clear. Now I just have to figure out how to get the geometry to open the way I want it to.

But I do think there is a problem with UV unwrapping on the Mac though. It wouldn’t unwrap at all, incorrectly or not. On my linux box here at home, it works perfectly. I may need to check the bug reports on that. Thanks again.