problems with varios things

  1. when I go into UV face select mode to texture somthing the object turns black and I can’t texture it

  2. what does texture/sequence baking mean?

I’m not sure if you understand how to UV texture something, so here’s a tutorial to learn you the basics:
and from the User Guide:

Texture Baking:

I understand how to texture and I’ve seen those turorials before

And, did it work with those tutorials?

:smiley: It is black because you baked it too much. :slight_smile:
Just kidding. :<

Before you can go into UV-FaceSelect, you need to create some seams. Select some vertices (in a row usually), as though you were cutting the “skin” with a knife to “unwrap it”. Mark these seams by pressing Ctrl+E, all selected vertices will become a seam.

Now go to the UV Face select. press the U-Key and choose LSCM from the popup menu.

Now switch to UVImage Editor, and you’ll see the unwrapped mesh. There, you can save the image for editing in PaintShop. After that, load the new image into the UV Editor

that made it worse spin