problems with veiwing javascript?

i recently erased some files from my computer, and now i’m haveing trouble veiwing javascript pages
for example the chatbox on this site dosnt show up for me, either does chat on anyother webpage, i can no longer play games a or veiw most any java script on anyother webpage?
i tried going and downloading java runscript 2 but it didnt help. where should i go to download, and what program should i download so i can use these things again?

thanks in advance

java isn’t the same as javascript

you can download the java runtime and plugin and such [get 1.4.2] from

their page is hard to find stuff on… Well, there ought to be a much easier way for people to find the JRE than this page:

google says:

Concentrate on the files below:



Edit your /home/username/.profile file

$vi .profile

, and set your javaroot path, type f.e.:

export $PATH $javaroot $java $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Create symlink to your java plugin, under your home local browser file:


Than to be sure do the same with /…/ns400/ :


More, create symlink:

<[email protected]/home./mozilla/plugins/>$ln -s ./ ./javaplugin.a

[mozilla, firefox and new netscape usually use /…/plugins/ns600/]

One more thing:

Install generic package with Netscape 4 with java support, than create symlinks to it’s inside your /home/username/./yourbrowser/plugins/

and name it

Finally give correct permission for your user and group to use java. Do it simple by chmod your plugin and f.e. chmod [rwx-rwx-rwx]=[666] /usr/local/javadestination -R [if you’r lazy do it recoursively for all files inside=]


Now everything should work fine on all operating systems.