Problems with video backbuffer....

(dwmitch) #1

I’ve been trying to use Blender 2.5 to do some video work, and while I can use an AVI as a texture, when I try to use it as a background image for rendering I always get a “Malloc returns nill: len=641744384 in readimage.c Out of mem” error. What causes it, and how can I remedy it?

Also, I posted this last night, and it wasn’t on the board. I did a search, and it wasn’t available. If it was deleted, which means it will be deleted this time around, can I please get an explanation as to why it’s deleted, with either a post in its place or a private message?

(mthoenes) #2

I read somewhere that that the backbuffer (this is different than a Background image) requires a sequence of numbered images. When I used it, I had to use images without extensions such as .jpg or.tga. I rarely use the backbuffer anymore. I recommend using a background image for reference and then rendering out your foreground sequence as RGBA targa files. Then composite with your background material in the sequence editor using Alpha Over.
This way you can tweak your foreground and background independently… I know this probably doesn’t answer your question, but perhaps it will help.

(dwmitch) #3

How would I get shadows like that, though? I’ve tried that and the shadow remains the color of the background it was rendered against. Is there any way to do luminescence keying?