Problems with Video Texture (Mini-map type) [HELP NEEDED]

Hi guys!!! First of all, let me show the code:

from bge import logic, texture

gameScene = None

for game in logic.getSceneList():
    if == "Scene":
        gameScene = game

mainCam = gameScene.objects["Camera"]

c = logic.getCurrentController()
o = c.owner

material = texture.materialID(o, "IMgame.png")
gamePNG = texture.Texture(o, material)

view = texture.ImageRender(gameScene, mainCam)

gamePNG.view = view

def Map():

I always seems to get the error of object of None Type doesn’t have a module named “objects”. Also, when I assigned it to a scene, BGE then says that gamePNG doesn’t have the module “view”. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks guys :slight_smile: