Problems with virtuallight

(crazymopho) #1

i’m having all sorts of problems trying to get virtualight to work.
I’m running windows 98se, python 2.2, and blender 223, plus i downloaded the latest export script. I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 10, in ?
File “C:\python22\lib\”, line 27, in ?
from sre import *
File “C:\python22\lib\”, line 97, in ?
import sre_compile
File “C:\python22\lib\”, line 13, in ?
import _sre,sys
ImportError: No module named _sre

Someone please help me out here.

(eeshlo) #2

THis is caused by the fact that Blender uses python2.0 not python2.2. Yes, I know, some scripts will work anyway, but compiled modules will clash with the python20.dll that blender uses.
When using any other python version but 2.0, only the pure python module scripts from the lib directory will work (well most of them anyway), but anything from the dll directory (where the compiled modules reside) will not work, and cause these errors you get. If Blender really would work 100% with other python versions, then you would be able to delete the python20.dll, but if you do that, blender won’t even start anymore. So, python2.0 it is.

(Grizzly69) #3

What about this error:

I looked thru the script from what I can tell, there is a problem with the mesh export. I checked filenames.
I’m not sure what the deal is.

I have blender 2.23 and python 2.2 installed. But I am not getting the errors mentioned above. I’m getting whats in the picture.

Please help?

(Florian) #4

maybe it is because the BlenderAPI is not the same in 2.10 and 2.23.

import Blender210 As Blender

(eeshlo) #5

It’s not Blender210, that is still there in 2.23. It is for the same reason I already mentioned, the incompatibility with python2.0
For some reason trying to import a module that cannot be imported for the second time, will not cause errors and halt the script of course when it wants to use that module since it is not loaded. So the solution is still using python2.0 or modifying the script yourself so it will not use the re module (which is used for regular expressions).