Problems with weight painting

This is my first time weight painting, and it doesn’t seem to be working at all.
I added the armature modifier to the mesh, and weight painting seemed to be working for a little while, but then it stopped allowing me to paint any vertices onto any part of the mesh! The amount of paint I had already put on there also disappeared and the armature does not affect the mesh in pose mode at all.
I am following the Blender Summer of Documentation Character Animation tutorial, and this is very frustrating. HELp!

Either it is a technical issue, which is very likely to be, or you did something wrong. Check to see if Blender didn’t start crashing. Do you have a powerfull computer, cause weight paint needs resources. One other thing that might have happened is mixing Weight Paint and Vertex Groups. For some reason, these two seem to be enemies, although they do represent the same: vertex weight establishment.

I fixed it! Sort of. I just deleted the armature modifier & then added it again. I hope this doesn’t happen after I’ve already weight painted though.:slight_smile: