Problems with xNormal and objects

I constantly get problems with cage->lowpoly obj when using xNormal. I get warning that vertex index at some face in cage doesn’t match correspondent one at lowpoly object. I read at internet that this is caused because my cage doesn’t have same number of vertices ex. not same topology.

I found 3 tutorials about xNormal and Blender. They all use cages, and I followed them to create my own cage. After I copied lowpoly to creat my cage, i only used scale and moved few faces to cover high poly model (no extrusion or things like that). I managed to make it working for some simplier objects (like crates or so).

Can i somehow make cage easier, or improve my skills with some good tutorials. And i saw that i can bake without using cage, what are cons of that?

You have to triangulate both the low-poly and cage in blender prior to baking. If you transform your non-triangulated cage and then triangulate it you will likely get different vertex indexes for the low-poly and the cage, therefore xNormal will argue. When your low-poly is ready, triangulate it (Edit mode->Select All->Ctrl+T), copy for cage and balloon it over the high-poly. This is the workflow I follow.

I wonder why Blender change vertex indexes after triangulation if I just scale my quaded mesh without changing the topology of the original, low-poly mesh? Is there any way to prevent Blender from changing the vertex indexes?

Thanks for help. I can’t recall correctly now, but i think i did the way you said. I made low poly, add triangulate modifier, and then copied it to make cage, but i’m not 100% sure. I lost that models i experimented with, and i currently don’t have time to play with it yet.

I’m not sure was this causing any problems, but i kept triangulate as a modifier, i never applied it, so maybe modifier is trying to retriangulate after you do some changes to cage.

As for your question, i can’t really help you, i am quite unexperienced in whole Blender and 3D field.

You have to apply the triangulation modifier prior to transforming your cage, otherwise xNormal is going to complain on your cage.

You can “quadratulate” back your mesh selecting vertices and pressing Alt+J.