Problems with Yafray and Scons (Linux)

Ok, I just compiled Blender with Scons. Then I ran Blender and rendered with Yafray. Crash. I compiled Yafray with Scons I set the optimization to i386. I compiled and installed Yafray with Scons. I did the i386 compile because the rpm that I installed from the Yafray website was i386.

I tried other intel optimizations but Yafray still crashed. I set up paths to Yafray in “”. Still crashed. Do I have to compile Blender with (scons arch=””) cpu optimization also to match Yafray? I’m new to compiling in Linux. I’m using Mandriva. Thanks for your help.

Fixed it!

If you could tell the rest of us how you fixed it, it might be beneficial to future problem sufferers :wink: