Problems withText animation


I’m tryingto do some interactive hud for a game. I’d like to have a menu with options like “items”, “skills”, “equipment” and such.

I’d like each of these words to have a slight scale+ when the mouse cursos is rolling over these.
I’ve animated the plane used for the text with an IPO curve (scale).
Here’s my tries, but setting a MouseOver Sensor, AND controler, and a PlayIPO Actuator doesn’t work…
But, if i remplace the mouseOver with a keystroke, it works…
Anyone knows why?


textExample.blend (187 KB)

Yes… put it in perspective mode, it doesn’t work in orthographic mode…

Hello Killer, thanks a lot!
(woot sometimes the answer is so simple… sigh)

I’ve noticed something: the IPO plays when the cursor rolls over just the plane, and not the entire text.
That means that one have to roll over the first letter of the word otherwise nothing happens.

Is there a way to make tha animation play when the cursor rolls on any letter of the word?

Oh well Ijust found another way, but it’s a bit fastidious:
I’ve added a plane that matches the words’ length.
It got the logic bricks, mouse, AND, IPO (scale) and it is invisible.
The text plane is linked to this plane.
So, when the mouse rolls over the hidden plane, the whole word is scaled regardless of the letter.

If someone knows a way for doing this faster, I’d like to know it too :slight_smile:

That’s correct… that’s the right way of doing it, if you repositioned the center to be in the middle it’d only work if you hovered over the middle. The devs need to work on the text bounds.

Happy blending!