• When I run the lillypad demo it says that fragment shaders are not supported (in output window) and the flower is grey.
  • When I run the Sebubla (normal & armature) demo it gives the error:

File "", line 136 in ?
 mesh = obj.getMesh(mesh_index)
File "", line 123 in MainLoop
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'isValid'

  • same sort of error when running toon demo + vertexcolorsplat demo
  • vertex wave demo stays black and gives error fragment shaders not supported

Blender 2.41
Geforce 2 Pro
Python 2.42

Any ideas?

Try the GLInfo.blend from the Demos and have a look to the DosBox.

Shader_objects no
vertex_shader no
fragment_shader no
texture_cube_map yes
max cubemap size 512
multitexture yes
max texture units 2
texture_env_combine yes

What do I do about it?

The info you see is what your video card supports.

Your card will not support this type of shader.
You will need to upgrade your video card.

Most likely.
You still can use the other features.

texture_cube_map yes
multitexture yes
texture_env_combine yes

I hope this helps.

:o need to update my card oh too bad can’t do that got no money for… It runs call of duty 2 just fine… probably not the same thing/