I am having two problems. In my game you are a character that has to defeat 30 simple enemies by shooting them with a cannonball.

Problem 1.- Whenever I shoot 2 enemies at the exact same time with only 1 cannonball, it sometimes only sends one message instead of 2.

Problem 2.- I can’t get the enemies to hurt me. They are flying (rockets) and are static, not dynamic. :stuck_out_tongue:

help please…

  1. make the baddies send the message 2. set them to actor, and enable a collision bound!
  1. The baddies ARE ALREADY sending the message. 2. tried it… nothing :frowning:

any other ideas?

  1. The same message entering coming at the same frame? One will be ignored. 2. Do you actually have a damage system? what kind of bound has the player?
  1. I will try something to fix that. 2. I have a damage system. Actually, dynamic objects work perfectly on it, but my rocket is static. If I make it dynamic, then it will fall.