Hey,guys,so,im not sure what should i do,since 3 days,my works looks like from a 2 years old who never heard of golden ration or proportions,i dont get the scale right nothing,please help me ;(,what shall i do,how can i get my ideas and my good eye back ;(

same thing a two year old would do.
practice more.

i do blender since 2 years,im good at it,i practice everyday,and never had the proble before ;(

How old are you? Is a stroke a possibility? You might want to visit a doctor and get yourself checked out.

Nobody can help if you don’t post a specific problem along with your .blendfile.

;(,what shall i do,how can i get my ideas and my good eye back ;(

Sounds like you might have had a bad night, so my advice would be to just wait until it wears off.:rolleyes:

A sudden unexplained change in perception or skill level might be a medical problem, GLakie, not just a bad night. Things like that don’t just wear off and might get worse without medical attention. Seriously, Hitchhiker, if your hand-eye coordination is suddenly broken, get yourself some competent medical advice. We can’t do that here.

There could be many problems. Sometimes there is just not one, but several, caused by a chain reaction of just one. So if you find that a good nights sleep helps, it may just not be good rest only that helps, but maybe good food and exercise, and quality social activities. All the best!

There was no disrespect intended. I would hope, if he’s not feeling quite right or something, that he’d call for medical help. Being 60 myself, health issues are always in my thoughts. But he did come here. Brain freeze is something that’s happened to me more than once, but usually, after walking away for awhile, it goes away.

1st i am 15,i ever had health issues,i got tons of surgery and drugs like opium and such shit,some shit detroyd my nervs or some parts of them,my hand eye coordination isnt really broken it is more like i dont get the perfect proportions my pictures arent in the golden ration anymore that much,thank you guys :).

Blender really doesn’t have any good measurement tools you can use to check proportions. You might try setting up a background image, or make a rectangle with golden ratio proportions and put it on another layer. Then you can make that layer visible and use the rectangle (scaled up or down as needed) to check the proportions of what you model.

Sometimes I do that when modeling characters, only I use a cube one head high, then duplicate the cube and stack them up, so I can see how many ‘heads’ tall my character is, and where the landmarks are in relation to where they are supposed to be. Comes in handy, you might want to try something like that. (Make sure you set the reference objects to Non-Render, or they will show up in your renders when you don’t want them to.)

Use the guides feature in the camera settings for one.
Secondly, sometimes you cant force creativity it will happen on its own and usually when its not expected. I am going through a spell such as that right now…

Exactly what I was saying. Just walk away for a while until inspiration comes back.:slight_smile: