probmems with GLSL

I applied a normal map to a cube and a cloud texture to influence its color, but when I try to view it in GLSL mode, the cube is completely black (despite the point lights positioned around it and the Viewport Shading set to solid). The normal map button is checked (with the option tangent); the mapping is UV; the influence is set to Nor; the bump mapping method is Best Quality and the space TextureSpace. I used Blender 2.57 In attachment I send the .blend file prova-glsl.blend (1.26 MB)
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

To see textures with GLSL, you need to UV unwrap your object and then assign an image to it in the UV editor (with your object in edit mode, open up a UV editor window and select the image that you want to use for the texture.)

Nevermind my last comment. I just opened up your blend and I could immediately see the texture in GLSL mode. But then I reread your message and realized that you said you have the viewport shading set to solid. The viewport shading needs to be set to textured to see textures in the 3Dview.

Sorry, I made a mistake, my viewport shading is set to textured. When I open the file I can see the cube illuminated and the texture applied to it, but as I press the middle mouse button to see the cube from another point of view, it becomes completely black and so remains.

I didn’t get the same problem, so I don’t know if this will fix it.

But I noticed that you have the color texture set to “Clouds”. AFAIK GLSL will not render procedural textures. Maybe that is causing the problem?
The bump map is an image and so that should be fine.

I removed the cloud texture but I have the same problem. I tried with a simple image but as soon as I apply it GLSL stops working. Is it a problem with my operating system? I use Linux Ubuntu 10.10

Normal map works fine, but no, you can’t use procedurals in GLSL. You can bake the procedural to an image, map it to “uv”, and it will work. GLSL uses image textures only.