ProBono Kids Museum Project - Looking for models...

Downloaded Blender last week and am in the throws of learning it. It’s a killer app. However, I’m facing a deadline, and could use some help.

I am designing a website for a Childrens Museum, it’s a charitable cause so I’m doing it for free.

I’d like to find a model of a marble (not a “marble texture” - but a round sphere that looks like a marble that when rendered - with the waves of color inside it, hopefully blue!) and I’d like to find a model of an ant.

But am not limited - if someone has a model of something appropriate, let me know - if it seems like it would work and I can use it, I will. Any models used will get their builders names mentioned in the website.

This is a time consuming project, but is a lot of fun - it’s almost like whatever I want to think up I can. Shouldn’t everything be this way?


Here’s my attempt at a marble:

Sphere with (an attempt at) a glass texture, and within a couple of subdivided planes warped with a lattice


Maybe not what you’re looking for but hey !

I’ll send you the blend if you want and explanations about the texture if you are a beginner could be in order.

Heeeey, IamInnocent knows his marbles :stuck_out_tongue: Very good!

:o !!

%| …

:< show-off …!

( :wink: :wink: ! )


Here is a link to a place where you can download a bunch of models of animals, inluding your ant: . You can use the 3DS converter on this web site: . When you have converted it, it should give you a non-textured 3DS mesh. Adding textures should be easy. I hope that your project goes well!

Here’s my attempt at a marble:

Rendered with HDRI and YafRay :wink:

HDRI and Yafray?!
you cheater :wink:

nice renders all!

These are great…

Could you render them in a white enviroment?


Here you go! :smiley:

A white environment does not make much sense for a glass object which has to reflect and refract something. Why don’t you just take the .blend and do whatever you want with it ?