procad script

just yesterday i had posted in a thread which involved architecture…but i lost the thread:o:confused:…the thread had a link to a procad script by japy (italian) which i want to test out and maybe translate to english. could someone please help…???

Here go:

Hope you can read italian :slight_smile:

Here is another thread from

that’s why we have the SEARCH function…
anyway, here it is(hope it’s the right one):

thanx a lot…will get back to you and post an english version for testing…ok?

Wow, that would be great!

It’s right, but the new version (1.8) is available here:


see also
(Italian forum)

(Italian/International forum)

EDIT: you can find all link updated at the post #47, in this thread

Wow. Cool. Can somebody translate this in English please? I can’t even understand what does that script do :frowning:

Sorry, my english is very bad… but I try:
proCAD is a python script which improve Blender with some CAD stuff, like Snaps, Chamfer, Fillet…
It’s entirely written by Japy (an Italian user) and tested only by other italian users because it’s only in italian till now.
I hope Chela69 can translate it…
It’s a good script… in english would be appreciated by many other people!

will definitely post it within the next two weeks:o

you mean in English?

Cause it sure would help a gazillion blenderheads out there! C’mon guys, ask some of your Italian testers, that I’m sure speak English, to translate it! :wink:

Chela69, do you speak italian?
The script’s author (JAPY) will be glad to help you, but unfortunately his english is even worse than mine…
So if you had any question you could contact Japy here:

(in italian or english…)

You can even ask in this post and then I can ask Japy for you…

i dont speak italian…but have used autocad…which gives me an idea @ some words…as 4 the rest…my father was in italy 4 2-3 years and can speak & understand the language( had italian gfriends 2;):D) so there…watch this space…and yes when i tried to execute the script…the error message crops up…error in python console…maybe we can ask japy @ it!!

Error in python console? :confused:
Really? Can you tell me more? (What says console?)

New release!

That link doesn’t seem to lead anywhere…
I ended up pasting the address into my browser - can’t seem to put it as a working hotlink.

Hy! mr. Blend, when call the script from my blender (windows OS) I have this error in the shell.

Compiled with Python version 2.4
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Traceback <most recent call last>:
File “<string>”, line 136, in draw
I0Error: couldn’t load image



Make sure the directory with the logo image (its in the file archive with the script) is in your default scripts directory.

Rocketship, yes the folder with the logo is in the scripts directory and I did a test with the logo image (outside its directory) inside the scripts directory and the error is the same.

thank’s for the reply!


Have you tried commenting out that line?


Excellent script, especially the ‘m’ key , it creates a perfect offset of some vertices. (Crea Spessore)