Procedural animation and realtime animation blending in BGE.

I am looking forward to enhance my python skill (which is pretty basic right now) and procedural motion seems to be a big hype these days so cant resist getting my hands on it. Before I start I need some advise and few good links.

I want to create some thing like this:-

  1. Would it be possible for me to achieve this only with python or i’ll need to modify blender source?

  2. Should I use blender 2.49 or 2.5x? Just asking this coz i noticed that martinsh’s procedural motion demo runs buggy in 2.57.
    I plan to learn only character animation and python this yr. coz I am usually dont get much free time.

  3. Where can I find the list and description of all python functions? (for blender 2.5x)

  4. Can anyone please give me some links to some good white papers or articles on procedural motion and animation blending? (I mean blending physics and animation)
    Yes I am googling some but good things in life are hard to find :wink: and it might happen that I skip a good one so it would better if u can please link me some good ones.

p.s excuse me for my ignorance. If you think I am some n00b picking up some really hard project and wouldn’t be able to complete it that’s pretty much understandable but anyways i still want to give it a try. :smiley:

there are links in this forum about:
Dance (written in python)
and a lot links
about animation-creation in python
up to complete different (to in-built-blender) physics-animations.
You should check the game-engine-part in the forum too.

@test-dr thank you but I think I need to read some theory/background and principles before jumping into the code. anyone else?

ok found some fantastic whitepapers and thesis (thanxx to martinsh). Stay tuned :evilgrin:

Use 2.49 please!
2.57 its not very “GE friendly” ( and the UI is ugly)!

thanxx for suggestion. ill surely consider it. :slight_smile:

that wouldn’t be a good idea. 2,49 is not going to be supported anymore, and lots of future GE feature (logic nodes, graphics and others) would be cutted out!

Ok this perfect dilemma. What should i do now? Start a public poll?
Or Maybe I shud do it 2.49 first and then port it to 2.57? But learning something deprecated is not a nice idea. K im confused.

Well, I was just “trolling”, because I don’t like 2.57 interface at all!
But, “last official version” is the good choice, I guess?!

Yeah martinsh also gave me same advise so ok learning python 3.0 now. Stay tuned :evilgrin:

thanks all. :slight_smile:

Really? What is there not to like about the interface? It’s so much smoother and aesthetically pleasing than 2.49 was. Also, if you don’t like something, you can literally change anything you want.

As a personal request please don’t turn my tread into a argument crap or flame war. I don’t think there is anything wrong if he does not like the new interface, its a matter of personal preference.
thank you :slight_smile:

K sorry project suspended for few month coz i need to study. Will return to it a bit later.
thanxx all :slight_smile:

I think the animation blending should be possible but I would probably give up the idea of procedural animation if I were you.

Torsten Reil and Naturalmotion worked over 20 years to make the AI for Euphoria and quite frankly I don’t even think it is possible to make using Python alone.

OK duly noted :slight_smile:
btw I am not trying to replicate euphoria, just trying to get some of those effects with built in bullet which I dont think should extremely hard task. (i dont say it would a piece of cake aswell :p)
I dont want to implement 100% procedural motion, just some smart switching b/w ragdolls and armatures some weighting & foot placement.
thank you :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to take a look at existing solutions and find a way to integrate them into Blender. Dance for instance is being developed. Perhaps contact them about helping with that project and see what ways it could be used in Blender. They have a way to export the Dance simulations to BVH for example. It does not work, as far as I am able to tell. But maybe I am doing something wrong. But in any case your idea is rather ambitious. If you were to at least solve this problem, simulations could be imported to Blender. There is a current project being written to re target BVH to any rig. (you can already do this by hand but it is a lot of work) In any case if you could get Dance to work in Blender (even as imported BVH) then the NLA could be used to mix animation and physics. That would be a great help to Blender and fairly doable and much less ambitious and you could even work to make some kind of Dance to BVH import script for Blender using Python. Or come up with your own idea of how to make it work. Just my 2C.