Procedural Art Gallery

Hi everyone!

I’m glad to share with you my last Blender project. It has been done completely with Blender and I’ve been exploring the fascinating node system world, trying to generate procedural graphics as if they were pieces of art in a gallery:

I’ve also designed the gallery, as you can see here:

I took my inspiration from the abstract american painting in the fifties: mainly Pollock and Rothko.

So it’s a dual exhibition by two artists invented by me: Olga Vlková and Petr Vlk.

You can read more about them here.

Finally you can see their shared work. It’s called Together:

No bitmap textures allowed here :wink: Only procedural ones. Even the canvas displacement has been made using them.

If you are interested on these fictional characters works, you can visit their galleries on my Tumblr:

Olga’s works

Petr’s works

Thank you!!!

Health and Love for everyone!!!

That’s a pretty interesting idea of trying to combine two different art styles into one, and an interesting story as well :). I too find it pretty amazing what people are able to come up with using procedural methods. To be able to create something that feels organic by using something as rigid as math has always been pretty extraordinary to me. To have order in something that looks chaotic. The only thing I might say is I think the museum feels a bit empty; it might have been nice to have a few of those ottoman/chair type seats in the middle. Other than that I thought it looks nice. Sorry its such a late comment; I’ve been rather busy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much again, John, for your feedback. I do appreciate it strongly.
You are right with the emptiness. In the beginning I put a bench in the middle of the room. Kind of a bed, as well, very suitable for lovers, as the little story is about two lovers, as you know. But it happened to me that the room appeared to be too small. So I decided to get rid of props. But at the end the gallery lacks some attention in the middle, as you say. And yes: procedurals are something, isn’t it? I share your reflection 100 %. And don’t be sorry, please. We are all busy. And never is too late to hear friendly advices and words.
Have nice days!

You’re welcome, I’m glad to give it :slight_smile: Ah, yes, I see what you mean about the seating. It sure can be difficult to get everything fitting together sometimes. Hopefully it works out in the next one. Have nice days to you as well :slight_smile:

It kinda tells something about modern art, if the pieces of said art could be generated procedurally and still look believable :slight_smile:

Thank you Margenta. It’s part of the game, as ArtOfLight said: how something so cold as mathematics can generate something so colorful and organic. Part of my current work is now based on faked artists like Olga and Petr (above) and their styles (all of them procedural based). It could be perfectly an exhibition, why not? And now we have such advanced printing techniques, like giclee printing, with stunning colors and high quality papers… Exciting times ahead :wink: Have a nice days!!!