Procedural Automatization for Biophysical Structures

Even if while the consequent idea might seem amazing, I may ask proper consideration on the subject regarding about realization o’ consciouss intelligence and, differently, medical usage.

The considerations for the realization conscious lifeform are the next:
Regarding mental stability:
Not under any kind of criteria shall be done any harm, directly or indirectly, to:
Title, family, class, profession, in respect to
Ethnicity, culture, race, phenotype or haplogroup, which gives rise to
Life, age, gender, sex and the integrity of
Image, identity, intelect, qualities, health, that are pilars for
Albedrium, freedom, moral and will.
Regarding healthiness:
Not under any kind of criteria shall be done any harm, directly or indirectly, to:
The elemental codification o’ the fundamental structure, which sustains
The body, to any of them cells, neural or not, and per extention
The mind, or any in-within - conscious or not - them activity of the psychical-somatic experience.

By reading these moralities one should by ethical obligation when comprehending the profundity on these matters, consider not to use by any means any of these information to pretend, do or cause any harm.

While I haven’t at the moment realized any kind of programing nor coding nor scripting, the fundamental idea is the next:
If it’s posible to model a heart the current way (geometrical meshing), then add procedurally point-particles, voxelization and/or volumetrical structures, which by the use of scripting would a unit simulate a living cell that by extentional fractalization or proceduralization would encode then within the fundamental forces that give rise to their componential atoms, their elemental particles and quantifications. Then it’s possible to simulate a whole living body.
Therefore, the works of arts that once were just animated stills of geometrical sculpts, could actually culminate into becoming real beings within virtual realms.
Also, and gladly, this kind o’ entrepreneuring could be used for medical research and applications: If it’s possible to graphicate a real heart, then procedurally automatize their biophysical structures to their fundamental cores, then it’s possible to create complete structures for bioprinting.

Hopefully I ask this topic to not be removed but at best be moved to a more proper sections.

Sincerilly thanking you for reading, I might upload any update.