procedural - background textures in cycles

is it actually possible to produce procedural - background textures in cycles? for example using a gradient texture in the background.
except for composing solution or using image texture. i mean the procedural textures that come with cycles.

yes it works fine
try it just add proc wood texture in world setting and it will works like a charm


hmm, wierd. I opened a new scene and added a procedural texture and it did work. but when i add it to my current scene that im working on, it doesnt. can’t figure out what causing this.
on the other hand gradient texutre still doesnt work for me in the background, maybe it’s something with the workd cooridinates?

and where did you find the proc wood texture? is it a shader that you downloaded? or did i miss something? i only know the procedural wood from blender internal

anyway, thanks for the reply

add i to the world node


Don’t forget to make sure you’re using the ‘world’ coordinates, because others like ‘object’ are not meant for backgrounds and will lead to the texture not displaying properly.

for a gradient try this one


But that will just map the gradient to the coordinates of the window and not the actual sky-sphere itself. (ie. it will remain static to the position of the camera during the actual rendering which will make for an incorrect sky when reflected and refracted). Even more so, it will look exactly the same no matter if you’re in and out of camera view which might make sense for the new viewport gradient feature in trunk, but not in a sky background if realism is your aim.

do you have and example for this new feature have not seen that one yet!

did not see an option in text coodin to map it to sky ?


hey thanks for the tips it works when i make in a new file, but still nothing works in my current scene. but anyway importing everything to a new file seems to do it, maybe there is something corrupt in the file. (and yes, I did do it in world view)
btw adding the color ramp to the gradient setup also helps a lot to have better control.

Ace dragon I just want to add some background texture for a character turntable, so that would do it… but if there is a way to map a texture to the global coordinates i would also like to know how, but of course there is also always the option of using a big sphere with inverted normals…

RickyBlender so is there procedural wood texture in cycles? or did u meant the wave texture? or just a downloaded preset?

wood is part of waves texture just change it from ring to band i guess

and noise texture include clouds texture


In general, you would use the ‘generated’ coordinates from the ‘texture coordinates’ node and plug in into the gradient texture (inside the ‘texture’ category).

This will be enough to get something to show, but you will often need to place a ‘mapping’ node in between the texture coordinate and gradient nodes so you can rotate and scale the coordinates so the background shows how you want it.

what about the new texture you were talking about ?


It’s not a texture, it’s been added as part of the theme options in the user preferences. (not in 2.65 though, download a trunk build to use it).

you mean show backround var ?
what this does ?


we are still on backgroung gradient
which might be another alternative for this thread

but sorry i tought you were talking about a new cycles texture for the world
but now is see what you mean and will follow this thread also on gradient which is interesting