Procedural Beauty (Nudity)

Now this is one of my experiments here … I am working now mainly on the cloth and some detailing…

General overview: This is supposed to test differend kind of lighting, Procedurally generated skin, and my 1½nd female body model

I hope you like it…

Bo-jo-jo-joing! Classic beauty, should be flagged for over 18-year old people.

Looking really nice, my only crits so far is that she seems a bit shiny.and the density of the pubic hair at the source doesn’t look as thick as it should. NoSoulX: that’s what the nudity tag is for

Daiyum! You have improved a lot! Though I’ll note a lack of any sort of bump map on the skin or the nipples and the graininess of the image. Pubic hair is curly, check your own pants.
Also, if this was to do with cloth, you might want to emphasise that, not have a perfect pair of tits glaring for all the world to see, since nobodies gonna notice the cloth. Especially since the cloth is in the dark, it’s not the monitor, I can barely see any of the cloth, let along the details.

Stick her on a bed, wrapped in a sheet or something, then you can emphasise cloth and details. Draw eyes to what you want them to be drawn to, not the tits. Which, I might add, are quite impressive.

Thanks for the comments… But yeah… i guess you are right… Should fix these things…

Bl33d, very nice work, it’s even so nice I would like how you did this–using the node materials or UV texturing?

From an anatomy viewpoint, the shoulder area – deltoid shape, the way the arm joins to the trunk, the underarm and pectoral regions – needs some serious attention. The armpit looks way too concave for that pose, and the upper part of the upper arm needs to be fleshier, with more muscle volume in the bicep/tricep groups.

Are you planning a head and face? She really needs something to establish a characterization, otherwise the nudity and pose seem a bit gratuitous.

As said the armpit is not correct. Saturation is too much for my taste. The breast has much curvature in the upper part. The rest is wonderful and I love the cloth shader.

Whoa… you guys dug out a Zombie. This thread is somewhat old. :open_mouth: And no UVs or bitmap Texturing. Its 100% procedurals. Hence the name “Procedural Beauty”

ps. Also its head is actually my Blendinglife 1, entry.

Also its no longer “WIP”.