Procedural Bipedal Locomotion Animation System

yeah sounds fancy.
but it is actually quite simple stuff, well when in 2D. Basically it will be a procedural animation synthesis for character movement… though in two dimensions at the moment.


  • I want the game character foot to adapt the surface he is walking on.
  • Key-framed animation tends to become messy and pain in the @$$ to set up for large amount of different characters.
  • This is gonna be a comprehensive way for me to learn Python coding.

Implementation progress:

what is done:

  • basic character movement with horizontal spring force
  • footprint prediction based on character`s velocity and surface height
  • footprint orientation based on surface normals
  • Motion cycle and its speed based on characters velocity
  • Leg cycle and gait creation based on motion cycle and footprint position
  • foot stride/flight time and height based on character`s velocity
  • Knee position calculated from hip and ankle position using IK (inverse kinematics)

yet to be done:

  • ground detection for jump stance
  • jumping
  • slope detection
  • hip height based on highest and lowest foot position
  • add hands
  • make this a proper rig
  • assign the Blender Armature to the it, or even use GLSL hardware skinning.
  • clean the code…

to do even later:

  • add the third dimension to this system
  • make this not only bipedal but quadrupedal system (for characters with more than 2 legs)
  • add a ragdoll
  • and do some more stuff I can`t think of right now


first steps

more of walking and running

IK (Inverse Kinematics)

Ragdoll, boxes, physics gun and motion blur:

anyone interested seeing the blend?

more soon…

thats a nice one! i cant wait for a armature based version!

Pretty neat!
I saw this on your youtube page,
I’m interested in the blend! should bring an automated thing like yours
Can’t find where i found a proposal with a video of the technology he wants to bring…

Btw your work is awesome, you are a great blender user!!!
I saw that when the player goes down along a sloping terrain, it looks quite unnatural(due to the ik). I thin that lowering the barycentre of the body( the bellybutton) proportionally to the slope of the terrain will do the trick( i think you already retrieve the normal of the face on which you’ll put the foot, so you can now the angle between the player vertical axis and the normal of the plane)

It’s looking pretty good - I think that he should lift his legs more when he’s ascending a hill, but otherwise, it’s looking really good so far.

im interested also thats pretty cool

You’re doing good work on something very useful! Can’t wait till to see it on a rigged character! I’m also interested.

Awesome as usual, man you are the man :slight_smile:

thanks for the kind response,
here are skinned ragdoll and finally working real motion blur filter.

  • a gravity gun thingy with bezier curve (awesome fps setup by Raiderium)

Someone is feeling destructive today hehe.
How did you get the ragdoll to work?

Very inspiring to see this!

Looks great. I’d love to see it applied to a walking ragdoll :yes:. Made a system for that already (see signature) so maybe that can give you some inspiration. Really like to know how you’re setup works.

And can you also run and walk side-ways?

Hold on a sec, did you make the procedural feet system work with Raider’s fps template on 2.5? That’s my dream fps system!
(I haven’t seen the video yet, so…)

Wow!!! amazing stuff!!

Really great work, Martin. How did you get the motion blur to work - is it using the graphics card’s accumulation buffer?

Ah… well, great! I love the motion blur. But being the Raider’s template, I know that this is all V2.49, so I’m just a bit… happy!
In any case, it’s a brilliant work!
Thanks for sharing!

So, the big question; When will we see the Procedural Bipedal system in all it’s rag-doll glory?

And martinsh strikes back melting faces!
Awesome as aways, I m getting tired to say that!
Thanks for share with us!

I didn’t know you made a thread about it. :slight_smile:
A friend of mine is very interested in the motion blur shader and to be honest I’d like to experiment with it as well.
I wonder if it’d be easy to get rid of the dark edges though. Warping the screen pixels wouldn’t seem like a good idea but maybe copying the pixels on the edge of the screen would.

Looking forward to the .blend files. :wink:

Good luck.

Now this is what I call automated walking :wink:

This is looking good.