Procedural Brick Wall progression [Geometry nodes+ Procedural texture+displacment]

3 days i ago i made this thread [ I need some advice] asking for advice on a brick wall with random brick textures.

This was the inspiration


My first attempt was this.

second attempt

Now this is what i ended up with and i really love how it went

This is what i had to end up doing with each of the 10 bricks:

I used object info node to do two layers of randomness to the bricks:

  1. According to location
  2. random 4d values to affect the parameters in each position

Thoughts? i feel the object info location and random really worked and i have almost no repetition.

Also its geometry nodes and had to set up a big chain for that, but random value node didnt end up doing anything there

@Modron @Okidoki