Procedural buildings

Can i get some help please

Let say that i have number of materials and each of them is applied to its object

Need to reset nodes connections at once if it is possible

For two days i managed to learn how to create and link nodes by python,

but could not find how to access existing and change their connections

I have learned how to do really awesome stuff in city engine,

but the problem is that Materials in city engine does not fit PBR workflow

so my goal is to find a way to export entire scene from city engine to Blender Unity or Unreal. Think it might happen by B2U add for Unity

Imported materials does have textures and uv projections, but they are not properly set

The logique could be something like: allmat = , for mat in allmat - figure out node connections and then create new connections
another option may be to rebuild textures somehow by cycle material in Blender since materials are imported with up to 5 uv sets for material.

By the way looking for someone well aware of python, cycle materials and texturing for game to pair with for mass modeling of game assets. City engine is incredibly powerful for level design of architecture, buildings, roads, etc If some one has serious interest in city engine we can contact

thanks people