Procedural Cement Texture

I’m trying to make a procedural polished dark cement texture, any tips?

Can you give an example? Is this for cycles or BI?

Cycles… And this is what I’m after:

The polished look is fairly straight forward. A dark grey, almost black diffuse node mixed (via the mix shader) with a light grey glossy node that has very low roughness (0.02). Plug the fresnel node into the fac slot of your mix shader.

You may want a little variation in the roughness - just to give it a bit of a scuffed look. Take a look at this material I put together for somebody else - may give you some ideas.

The actual light/dark patches in the concrete i’ll have to have a think about.

You may also want to have some low frequency bumps/normals (low detail noise probably good enough), note how reflections are randomly slightly curved:

Thank you! :smiley: