Procedural chair model with Geometry Nodes

Procedural Chair Model

I have been developing a set of tools and node groups for quickly making procedural models like this in blender using geometry nodes.

I will be posting my research and processes here.


Wow, very interesting and impressive :slight_smile:

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Impressive! :slight_smile:

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Are you generating meshes or just using the nodes to modify them like most?

No, I’m pretty much creating instance points and transforming them. The meshes are prebuilt modular parts assembled together by the nodes and some have shape keys.
generating mesh at such a low level would be parametric modeling at this point and so far the only example I’ve seen done with geometry nodes is Erindales work on Spirograph

wow, congrats! The versatility is stunning. Would you be kind enough to share your knowledge through a youtube tutorial?

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Unfortunately, a youtube tutorial that covers everything would be way too time-consuming to make. I’m considering doing a paid course eventually but I’ll definitely make short-focused youtube tutorials on this. Also, In this thread, I will address pretty much every aspect of making this and answer as many questions as I can so maybe check back later.

sometime this week or next I’ll start posting my research and findings

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Hi, I’m a big fan of this! Any news on updates to the concept/model such as new features or custom modelling setups?

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Sorry about being so quiet on this all this while. They definitely has been much changes since when I released the video. However I decided not to share any yet due to the state of geometry nodes in blender. Geometry nodes is constantly evolving. Just recently it was completely redone so it’s using fields now instead of the attribute system. So it wouldn’t be wise to share any update of the procedural approach as I’m very likely going to change or redo almost all aspect of it. Right now I’m refactoring all I’ve done to work with the new fields geometry nodes implementation. I’ll hopefully share updates when blender 3.0 gets to beta as then I know they wouldn’t be crazy changes to geo nodes.