Procedural Cloudscape Generation in Cycles (now Eevee!)

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #41

Please release a tutorial. Your cloud tool is amazing! Should be implemented as core function.

(Simon Thommes) #42

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
I was planning on making a tutorial with the next version. Now with the amazing feedback I am getting, I definitely will.
I’ll probably wait at least for the beta though, there are still a lot of bugs that are preventing me from progress.

(Charles Tigner) #43

this is amazing! were you at all inspired/influenced by the horizon zero dawn clouds? They presented them in detail which is handy

(Simon Thommes) #44

Wow, thanks for the link! I’m not proud to admit it… but I did’t look at much reference at all.
I saw a graphics demo of horizon and that might have inspired me, I don’t know, was long ago…
But this might be useful for future updates, skimmed it, good stuff

(Charles Tigner) #45

no problem! I have to admit I had fantasized about trying to set something similar up in blender and just never got around to it. I hope its useful! (then I can play with it haha)

(Duncan) #46

hi, personally my only problem is that I can not render JPEG AVI

(Simon Thommes) #47

Please keep in mind that Blender 2.8 is still in its alpha state. Some things might not work as intended or not at all for a while. The file format has nothing to do with the shader itself though…