Procedural Cloudscape Generation in Cycles (now Eevee!)


Really tho this is going to help me a lot.

I had this problem with some VDB files. Turns out there’s an issue in some versions of Blender (I believe 2.90 was one). Try in 2.83 or 2.91 and see if that fixes things. I submitted this as a bug report. It was confirmed but I don’t know that it was ever resolved.

This is awesome thanks and looks really good. I am using this with v2.92 and works fine.

The only issue I am encountering is when exporting video there is some flickering in the clouds.

I increased shadow sample rate and this does help a bit but it’s still noticeable. I’ve tried changing a few render settings, but not been able to improve it, but if anyone knows a work around to this it would be great to hear :slight_smile:

when i render from any camera angle its doesnt look the same with the one which I have done in viewport. HOw can i avoid this please help!!!

How do I get a single chunky cloud like the one in your example? Cant figure it out for the life of me I keep getting clouds that just take up essentially the entire volume of the cube.



Here i have the Perlin Worley Noise as described in This Paper
Maybe you can do something with this information