Procedural desert texture

I made this procedural desert texture/material, but the thing is, it only works on a perfectly flat surface. If I try to displace the surface, the material doesn’t work anymore.

It’s probably something to do with mapping but I can’t wrap my head around the exact cause.


I’m not sure if I can help but it looks like you’re not getting any answers.
One reason for that likely is because it’s very hard to tell what is wrong from the pic alone. If you could pack your textures in the .blend file (file - external data - pack in the .blend file), upload it to pasteall and share the link, you might get an answer.

This is way offtopic but your nick sounds very Finnish, is it?

The whole thing is procedural. There are no texture files.

I was kinda hoping I could get an answer without revealing the secrets behind the material, but what the heck! Maybe someone can improve it.

Why, it most certainly is!

A bit too much involved material for me and my poor machine, even when rendering with a clipping border.

Are you trying to displace it from the texture editor or using a modifier?

I used the displace modifier.

Got some better results now by displacing from the texture. But it’s not perfect.